About My Design Work

I have been a CSSer since about 2001, and I have been building websites for companies since about 2005. When I say "build," I mean conceptualizing, coding, graphic design, and implementing. I build sites from the ground up and I also restructure and redesign existing ones.

I take a simple, direct approach to website design. I work quickly and efficiently. I have built entire sites in a matter of hours.

Most of the websites I have built utilize HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. I know HTML4 and CSS2 by heart. (I have also recently been dabbling in HTML5 and CSS3, waiting for both to become more browser-compliant.)

I don't use code editors or WYSIWYG cheat programs like Adobe Dreamweaver. It's just me and my Notepad++.

As for graphic design, I use Adobe Photoshop CS5. I'm quite skilled in Photoshop. I know my way around a multitude of other design programs, but I use Photoshop the most.

Building websites is not only my profession, but it is also my passion. I look forward to working with you to realize your web presence. Contact me and let's get to work!