what's a mutable fire, anyway?

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. It is the sign of wisdom. Fire signs deal with situations by pushing everything and everyone out of the way. Mutables are adaptable and willing to compromise.

(I don't really believe in that astrology rubbish, but I do like how the two ideas sound together.)

let's just be honest here.

I need work. Do you have any for me?
I mean, I do happen to be fairly proficient in css and graphic design.
I really really
really want more beauteous things to show off here.
So email me at
and let's get to work, k? Thx
Don't tell the other web people that I told you this, but...hey, you might not need me. (Or them, for that matter.)
Everything I know about css and graphic design, I learned from the internet. You can learn, too! Here's some stuff I used to make this page:

Learn css. If I can do it, you can do it. W3 Schools CSS reference
The most awesomest seamless textures ever. Page background
Crumpled bits of paper have become useful again. Paper scans
How-To Guide for sIFR headings, created for incompetents like I. sIFR for Dummies
The Photoshop tutorial for cool vintage paint effects. Displacement tutorial
Sweet free fonts like Ballpark Weiner. dafont.com
The best code editor ever...and it's totally free. Notepad++
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